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We are a non-denominational church, we believe that we ARE ALL sinners and Jesus Christ died for our sins.

Our teachings are based on the HOLY BIBLE in its entirety. We are to love as Jesus loves.

We welcome anyone, COME AS YOU ARE, do not wait until you think your are worthy or ready, or if you need to get right in your life, our Church is full of sinners and hypocrites, we all fall short of the glory of God, He wants to make you whole again.

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​Pastor Shawn started attending ECC in the early 90's.  He left the city of Rancho Cucamonga, California in 1994 helping on a friends property, moving to his Moms in Nevada, and then he ended up in Washington State in 1996. 

In Washington he attended New Heights Church in Vancouver were He was involved in a collage group bible study and made the decision to be Baptized.  He also became a Bass player on a worship team, and played in a christian band.

January of 2000, Pastor Shawn came back to California, to his home town.  At that time he started attending ECC again. In 2001, Shawn was ask to join the praise team as a bass player and some guitar. He became the Praise  leader three years later.  During that time he attended men's bible study, family nights, and most church functions.  In 2004 the elders of the church asked Shawn to become a deacon.And in 2005 Shawn became an Elder and served on the board.

From 2005 to 2016 Shawn served as the Praise team leader and a Board Member. He was asked to become the Associate Pastor in 2016.  Shawn lead men's group, the praise team, Wednesday night bible study, and presented Gods word on Sunday mornings once a month and when the Sr. Pastor was out of town.

September of 2017 Shawn became Sr. Pastor by vote of the congregation of Etiwanda Community Church

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