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Weddings, we do that

At Etiwanda Community Church, we want your wedding to be a joyous and picture-perfect event. To help you prepare for your wedding, Etiwanda Community Church provides a beautiful and historical atmosphere. The following information is provided to help plan your wedding at Etiwanda Community Church and help ensure that your wedding is a truly memorable experience for you, your family and your guests. A church wedding is first and foremost a service of worship. Friends and family are invited to gather together in the presence of God to celebrate with the bride and groom their love for one another and to support the couple as they make the most important promise that two people can make to one another.


 Etiwanda Community Church provides a wedding coordinator for all weddings in the church. The Church Wedding Coordinator will work with you to plan a wedding that both reflects your dreams and honors the sacredness of the service of a Christian marriage. In addition to helping you make the initial arrangements with the church, the Church Wedding Coordinator directs all the activities at the church on the day of the wedding itself. She and the Pastor will coordinate the wedding rehearsal and oversee all of the details of the wedding itself. Because her responsibilities encompass all the details of the wedding proceedings, no additional coordinator will be needed. In the event that you already have a wedding coordinator please know that he or she will be asked to honor the wedding policies of the church and be available to provide assistance to the Church Wedding Coordinator as she directs. If you would like to make Etiwanda Community Church the setting for your wedding, please contact our Church Wedding Coordinator by email at to set up a time to visit the church, take a tour, and confirm arrangements for a wonderful wedding.


What you need to know



To set your wedding date, contact the Church Wedding Coordinator. She will check the church

calendar to see if the date is available. If the date is clear, you will need to fill out the Wedding

contract. This form may be obtained by contacting our Wedding Coordinator. She will mail or

email it to you. The form should be completed and return to the Church wedding Coordinator

with your $100.00 deposit. Only after the form and deposit are received will your wedding be

placed on the church calendar.



Once you contact our Church Wedding Coordinator, the Wedding contract along with the listing

of the fees will be sent to you. A $100.00 non-refundable deposit must accompany your

wedding contract; the remaining fee total is due to the church one week prior to your wedding.



Once your wedding date is on the church calendar, you should contact the church pastor to

schedule your first pre-marital counseling session. It is required to have pre-marital counseling

with our pastor if he is the one performing the ceremony.



A rehearsal is necessary for all weddings. The rehearsal lasts about one hour and is usually held on the night before the wedding. The church will be open thirty minutes prior to the scheduled time of the rehearsal. Promptness on the part of the wedding party is appreciated.



Etiwanda Community Church does not provide child care for weddings. If you desire to have child care, you must secure your own care giver. The church does have a nursery and toddler room for your use if you plan to provide child care.



Our Church Wedding Coordinator will be glad to set a time for you to tour the church and ask questions. She can also provide you with the necessary paperwork, contract and fee breakdown so you can begin the preparations for your wedding here at Etiwanda Community Church.


Contact: Tanya Allen                                 ECCWEDDINGS@YAHOO.COM




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